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A curated and categorised database of common questions regarding the law.

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1 Is infringement of company policy considered a cause for disciplinary action?

The infringement of a company policy may be a cause for disciplinary action. What sort of disciplinary action may be appropriate will depend on the particular policy involved and the seriousness of the contravention e.g. taking a bribe could be treated as a gross misconduct and justify dismissal. However, the proper disciplinary procedure should always be followed. It is also recommended that each employee receives a copy of this policy and acknowledges in writing adherence to it, failing which he/she could be liable for disciplinary action.
2 Does the employee have a right to representation at the disciplinary interview?

Yes, the employee has a right to representation by a co-employee though the employer may at its discretion not allow certain types of representatives e.g. lawyers
Results: 2   Page 1 / 1     
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