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These sections will introduce you to the fundamentals of labour law in india





• Indian labour laws largely apply only to workmen, i.e. people who do clerical, manual and technical duties and have no managerial or administrative power, and employee’s with supervisory power drawing less than Rs 1600/- per month

• Most labour laws do not apply to employees in the managerial and executive cadres

Senior executives such as Chairmen, managing Directors and Board of Directors are dealt with the Companies Act and are not covered by labour laws

• Non-workmen do not have the protection and security afforded by Indian labour laws.

• Mere designation as an executive does not render an employee a non-workman. It is the nature of job performed that is the critical factor

Different types of employment contracts:
• Indefinite time employment contracts
• Fixed term contracts
• Contracts for a specific task or project upto completion
• Hiring through employment agencies introduced by agency for employment by company leased from agency
• Part time employment is possible for each type of contract Birth of the Relationship (contd.) :

• Contract of employment should statutorily be in writing

• Discrimination is prohibited in terms of equal pay for equal work for men and women as well as within categories of workmen

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