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The Industrial Disputes (Central) Rules, 1957

Related Legislation: Industrial Disputes Act, 1947   



 1    Title and application
 2    Interpretation

Procedure for Reference of Industrial Disputes to Boards of Conciliation etc

 3    Application
 4    Attestation of application
 5    Notification of appointment of Board, court, Labour Court, Tribunal or National Tribunal
 6    Notice to parties to nominate representatives

Arbitration Agreement

 7    Arbitration Agreement
 8    Attestation of the Arbitration Agreement
 8-A    Notification regarding arbitration agreement by majority of each party.

Powers, Procedures and Duties of Conciliation Officers, Boards, Courts, Tribunals and Arbitrators

 9    Conciliation proceedings in public utility service
 10    Conciliation proceedings in non-public utility service
 10-A    Parties to submit statements
 10-B    Proceeding before the Labour Court, Tribunal or National Tribunal.
 11    Omitted
 12    Omitted
 13    Place and time of hearing
 14    Quorum for Boards and Courts
 15    Evidence
 16    Administration of oath
 17    Summons
 18    Service of summons or notice
 19    Description of parties in certain cases
 20    Manner of service in the case of numerous persons as parties to a dispute.
 21    Procedure at the first sitting
 22    Board, Court, Labour Court, Tribunal, National Tribunal or Arbitrator may proceed ex parte
 23    Power of entry and inspection.
 24    Power of Boards, Courts, Labour Courts, Tribunals and National Tribunals.
 25    Assessors
 26    Fees for copies of awards or other documents of Labour Court, tribunal or National Tribunal.
 27    Decision by majority
 28    Correction of errors
 29    Right of representatives
 30    Proceedings before a Board, Court, Labour Court, Tribunal or National Tribunal

Remuneration of Chairman and Members of Courts Presiding Officers of Labour Courts and Tribunals etc

 31    Travelling allowance
 32    Fees
 33    Expenses of witnesses

Representation of Parties

 34    Notice of Change

Notice of Change

 35    Omitted

Representation of Parties

 36    Form of authority under Section 36
 37    Parties bound by acts of representative

Works Committee

 38    Constitution
 39    Number of members
 40    Representatives of employer
 41    Consultation with trade unions
 42    Groups of workmen's representatives
 43    Electoral constituencies
 44    Qualification of candidates for election
 45    Qualifications for voters
 46    Procedure for election
 47    Nomination of candidates for election
 48    Scrutiny of nomination papers
 48-A    Withdrawal of candidates validly nominated
 49    Voting in election
 50    Arrangements for election
 51    Officers of the Committee
 52    Term of office
 53    Vacancies
 54    Power to co-opt
 55    Meetings
 56    Facilities for meeting, etc.
 56-A    Submission of returns
 57    Dissolution of works Committee


 58    Memorandum of settlement
 59    Complaints regarding change of conditions of service etc.
 60    Application under section 33
 61    Protected workmen
 62    Application for recovery of dues
 63    Appointment of Commissioner
 64    Fees for the Commissioner, etc.
 65    Time for submission of report
 66    Local Investigation
 67    Commissioner's report
 68    Powers of Commissioner
 69    Summoning of witnesses, etc.
 70    Representation of parties before the Commissioner
 70-A    Preservations of records by the National Industrial Tribunals, Industrial Tribunals or Labour Courts.
 71    Notice of strike
 72    Notice of lock-out
 73    Report of Lock-out or strike
 74    Report of notice of strike or lock-out
 75    Register of settlements
 75-A    Notice of lay off
 75-B    Application for permission for lay-off under section 25-M
 76    Notice of retrenchment
 76-A    Notice of, and application for permission for, retrenchment.
 76-B    Notice of closure
 76-C    Notice of, and application for permission for, closure
 77    Maintenance of seniority list of workmen
 78    Re-employment of retrenched workmen
 79    Penalties
 80    Repeal
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