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Minimum Wages (Central) Rules, 1950

Related Legislation: Minimum Wages Act, 1948   



 1    Short title and extent
 2    Interpretation

Members and Staff, and Meetings of the Board Committee and Advisory Committee

 3    Term of office of the members of the Committee and the Advisory Committee.
 4    Term of office of members of the Board.
 4-A    Nomination of substitute members
 5    Travelling allowance
 6    Staff
 7    Eligibility for renomination of the members of the Committee, Advisory Committee and the Board.
 8    Resignation of the Chairman and Members of the Committee and the Board and filling of casual vacancies.
 9    Cessation and restoration of membership
 10    Disqualification
 11    Meeting
 12    Notice of meetings
 13    Chairman
 14    Quorum
 15    Disposal of business
 16    Method of voting
 17    Proceedings of the meetings.

Summoning of Witnesses by the Committee, Advisory Committee and Board, and Production of Documents

 18    Summoning of witness and production of documents
 19    Expenses of witnesses

Computation and Payment of Wages, Hours of Work and Holidays

 20    Mode of computation of the cash value of wages.
 21    Time and conditions of payment of wages and the deductions permissible from wages.
 22    Publicity to the minimum wage fixed under the Act
 23    Weekly day of rest
 24    Number of hours of work which shall constitute a normal working day.
 24-A    Night Shifts
 25    Extra wages for overtime.
 26    Form of registers and records
 26-A    Preservation of registers
 26-B    Production of registers and other records
 26-C    Combined Form

Claims Under The Act

 27    Applications
 28    Authorisation
 29    Appearance of parties

Scale of Costs in Proceedings Under The Act

 30    Costs
 31    Courts fees


 32    Savings
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