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Workmen's Compensation Rules, 1924

Related Legislation: Employees Compensation Act, 1923   



 1    Short title
 2    Definitions

Part I: Review of Half-Monthly Payments and Commutation Thereof

 3    When application may be made without medical certificate
 4    Procedure on application for review
 5    Procedure on application for commutation

Part II: Deposit of Compensation

 6    Deposit under section 8(1)
 7    Publication of list of deposits
 8    Application by dependants for deposit of compensation
 9    Deposit under section 8(2)
 10    Investment of money

Part III: Reports of Accidents

 11    Report of fatal accidents
 12    Right of employer to present memorandum when information received

Part IV: Medical Examination

 13    Workman not to be required to submit to medical examination save in accordance with rules
 14    Examination when workman and medical practitioner both on premises.
 15    Examination in other cases
 16    Restriction on number of examinations
 17    Examination after suspension of right to compensation
 18    Examination of women

Part V: Procedure

 19    Introductory
 20    Application
 21    Production of documents
 22    Application presented to wrong Commissioner
 23    Examination of applicant
 24    Summary dismissal of application
 25    Preliminary inquiry into application
 26    Notice to opposite party
 27    Appearance and examination of opposite party
 28    Framing of issues
 29    Power to postpone trial of issues of facts where issues of law arise
 30    Diary
 31    Reasons for postponement to be recorded
 32    Judgement
 33    Summoning of witnesses
 34    Exemption from payment of costs
 35    Right of entry for local inspection
 36    Procedure in connection with local inspection
 37    Power of summary examination
 38    Agreement to abide by Commissioner's decision
 39    Procedure where indemnity claimed under section 12(2)
 40    Procedure in connected cases
 41    Certain provisions of Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 to apply
 42    Provision regarding signature of forms
 43    Apportionment of compensation among dependants

Part VI: Transfer

 44    Transfer for report
 45    Transmission of money

Part VII: Appointment of Representatives

 46    When representatives must be appointed
 47    When new representative to be appointed

Part VIII: Record of Memoranda of Agreement

 48    Form of memorandum
 49    Procedure where Commissioner does not consider that he should refuse to record memorandum
 50    Procedure where Commissioner considers he should refuse to record memorandum
 51    Procedure on refusal to record memorandum
 52    Registration of memorandum accepted for record
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