Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and working Conditions) Act

Chapter II - The Advisory and Expert Committees


(1) The Central Government shall, as soon as may be constitute a Committee to be called the Central Building and Other Construction Workers Advisory Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Central Advisory Committee) to advise the Central Government on such matters erasing out of the administration of this Act as may be referred to it.
(2) The Central Advisory Committee shall consist of - (a) a Chairperson to be appointed by the Central Government;
(b) three members of Parliament of whom two shall be elected by the House of the People and one by the Council of State-members;
(c) the Director-General-member, ex officio;
(d) such number of other members, not exceeding thirteen but not less than nine, as the Central Government may nominate to represent the employers, building workers, associations of architects, engineers, accident insurance institutions and any other interests which, in the opinion of the Central Government, ought to be represented on the Central Advisory Committee.
(3) The number of persons to be appointed as members from each of the categories specified in clause (d) of sub-section (2), the term of office and other conditions of service of, the procedure to be followed in the discharge of their functions by, and the manner of filling vacancies among, the members of the Central Advisory Committee shall be such as may be prescribed :
Provided that the members nominated to represent the building workers shall not be less than the number of members nominated to represent the employers.
(4) It is hereby declared that the office of member Central Advisory Committee shall not disqualify its holder for being chosen as, or for being, a Member or either House of Parliament.