Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and working Conditions) Act

Chapter VI - Hours of Work, Welfare Measiures and other conditions of service


(1) The employer shall provide, free of charges and within the work site or as near to it as may be possible, temporary living accommodation to all building workers employed by him for such period as the building or other construction work is in progress.
(2) The temporary accommodation provided under sub-section (1) shall have separate cooking place, bathing, washing and lavatory facilities.
(3) As soon as may be, after the building or other construction work is over, the employer, shall, at his own cost, cause removal or demolition of the temporary structures erected by him for the purpose of providing living accommodation, cooking place or other facilities to the building workers as required under sub-section (1) and restore the ground in good level and clean condition.
(4) In case an employer is given any land by a Municipal Board or any other local authority for the purposes of providing temporary accommodation for the building workers under this section, he shall, as soon as may be after the construction work is over, return the possession of such land in the same condition in which he received the same.