Dangerous Machines (Regulation) Act

Duties and Obligations of users of dangerous machines

Section 19: User to get each dangerous machine registered

(1) Every person who owns a dangerous machine or acquires control over such machine, whether as a lessee or hirer or otherwise (in this Act referred to as the user) shall make, before beginning to operate such machine, an application to the Controller on payment of such fees, not exceeding five rupees, as may be prescribed, for the registration of such machine.
(2) On receipt of an application made under sub-section (1), the Controller shall, if he is satisfied that the machine complies with, in all respects, the provisions of this Act and rules and orders made thereunder, register the same and grant to the applicant a certificate showing such registration.
(3) The Controller shall maintain a register containing the particulars of the dangerous machines registered by him and the names and addresses and other particulars of the persons on whose application such registration has been made.
(4) No dangerous machine shall be operated until it has been registered in accordance with the provisions of this section.
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