Dangerous Machines (Regulation) Act

Inspection, Search and Seizure

Section 26: Examination of machine causing death or injury

(1) As soon as the employer comes to know, whether on receipt of a notice under Section 23 or otherwise, that the operator has suffered death, dismemberment of any limb or other bodily injury during the operation of any dangerous machine, he shall forthwith give notice of such death or injury to the Inspector.
(2) Whenever an Inspector comes to know about any death or injury, whether on receipt of a notice referred to under sub-section (1) or otherwise, he shall , as soon as practicable, enter into the premises where the dangerous machine whereby such death, dismemberment of limb or other bodily injury has been caused, is located and examine the machine with a view to finding out whether the machine conforms to the standards laid down by or under this Act and contains all the prescribed safely devices, and , where, after such examination, he is of the opinion that the machine is unsafe, he shall, by an order, prohibit the use of such machine until it is certified by him to be safe.
(3) No machine shall be operated during the period of operation of the prohibitory order made under sub-section (2).
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