Employee State Insurance Act

Corporation, Standing Committee and Medical Benefit Council

Section 17: Staff

(I) The Corporation may employ such other staff of officers and servants as may be necessary for the efficient transaction of its business, provided that the sanction of the Central Government shall be obtained for the creation of any post [the maximum monthly salary of which [exceeds such salary as may be prescribed by the Central Government]].
[(2) (a) The method of recruitment, salary and allowances, discipline and other conditions of service of the members of the staff of the Corporation shall be such as may be specified in the regulations made by the Corporation in accordance with the rules and orders applicable to the officers and employees of the Central Government drawing corresponding scales of pay:
Provided that where the Corporation is of the opinion that it is necessary to make a departure from the said rules or orders in respect of any of the matters aforesaid, it shall obtain the prior approval of the Central Government.
Provided further that this sub-section shall not apply to appointment of consultants and specialists in various fields appointed on contract basis.
(b) In determining the corresponding scales of pay of the members of the staff under clause (a), the Corporation shall have regard to the educational qualifications, method of recruitment, duties and responsibilities of such officers and employees under the Central Government and in case of any doubt, the Corporation shall refer the matter to the Central Government whose decision thereon shall be final.)
(3) Every appointment to [posts [(other than medical posts)) corresponding to [Group A and Group B] posts under the Central Government) shall be made in consultation with the Union Public Service Commission:
Provided that this sub-section shall not apply to an officiating or temporary appointment for [a period] not exceeding one year:
[Provided further that any such officiating or temporary appointment shall not confer any claim for regular appointment and the services rendered in that capacity shall not count towards seniority or minimum qualifying service specified in the regulations for promotion to next higher grade.)
(4) If any question arises whether a post corresponds to a [Group A and Group B) post under the Central Government, the question shall be referred to that Government whose decision thereon shall be final.)