Employee State Insurance Act


Section 51-C: Accidents happening while travelling in employers transport

(1) An accident happening while an employee is, with the express or implied permission of his employer, travelling as a passenger by any vehicle to or from his place of work shall, notwithstanding that he is under no obligation to his employer to travel by that vehicle, by deemed to arise out of any in the course of his employment, if -
(a) the accident would have been deemed so to have arisen had he been under such obligation; and
(b) at the time of the accident, the vehicle -
(i) is being operated by or on behalf of his employer or some other person by whom it is provided in pursuance of arrangements made with his employer, and
(ii) is not being operated in the ordinary course of public transport service.

(2) In this section "vehicle" includes a vessel and an aircraft.)

51-D. Accident happening while meeting emergency -= An accident happening to an insured person in or about any premises at which he is for the time being employed for the purpose of his employers trade or business shall be deemed to arise out of and in the course of his employment, if it happens while he is taking steps, on an actual or supposed emergency at those premises, to rescue, succor or protect persons who are, or are thought to be or possibly to be, injured or imperiled, or to avert or minimize serious damage to property.]

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