The Indian Boilers Act

Section 20: Appeals to appellate authority

Any person considering himself aggrieved by an original or appellate order of the Chief Inspector

(a) refusing to register a boiler or to grant or renew a certificate in respect of a boiler; or

(b) refusing to grant a certificate having validity for the full period applied for; or

(c) refusing to grant a certificate authorising the use of a boiler at the maximum pressure desired; or

(d) withdrawing or revoking a certificate or provisional order; or

(e) reducing the amount of pressure specified in any certificate or the period for which such certificate has been granted; or

(f) ordering any structural alteration, addition or renewal to be made in or to a boiler or steam-pipe, or refusing sanction to the making of any structural alteration, additional or renewal in or to a boiler,

may, within thirty days of the communication to him of such order, lodge with the Chief Inspector an appeal to an appellate authority to be constituted by the State Government under this Act.