The Indian Boilers Act

Section 20A: Power of Central Government to revise order of appellate authority

(1) Any person considering himself aggrieved by an order of the appellate authority refusing under section 20 to interfere with an order not to register a boiler or not to grant or renew a certificate in respect thereof on the ground that the boiler does not conform to the regulation made under this Act may, within two months of the communication to him of such order, make an application to the Central Government for the a revision of the order on the ground that such boilers are in use in other countries.
(2) Upon the receipt of such an application, the Central Government may, after calling relevant records and other information from the appellate authority and considering the observations, if any, of the authority on the application and after such technical advice as the Central Government may consider necessary, pass such order in relation to the application, as the Central Government thinks fit; and, where the revision is allowed, the order shall specify the terms and conditions made under this Act are to be dealt with during the examination of the boiler