The Indian Boilers Act

Section 29: Power to make rules

The State Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, make rules consistent with this Act and the regulations made there under for all or any of the following purposes, namely:-

(a) for prescribing the qualifications and duties of the Chief Inspector 1(of Deputy Chief Inspector) and of Inspectors, 2* * * for prescribing or constituting authorities to which they shall respectively be subordinate and the limits of the administrative control to be exercised by such authorities;

(b) for regulating the transfer of boilers;

(c) for providing for the registration and certification of boilers in accordance with the regulations made under this Act;

(d) for requiring boilers to be in charge of persons holding 3(certificates of proficiency or competency), and for prescribing the conditions on which such certificates may be granted;

(e) for prescribing the times within which Inspectors shall be required to examine boilers under section 7 or section 8;

(f) for prescribing the fees payable for the issues of renewed certificates, for the inspection and examination of boilers or parts thereof or drawings for steam-pipes, for the testing of welders or for any other matter which, in the opinion of the State Government, would involve time and labour, and for prescribing the method of determining the amount of such fees in each case;]

(g) for regulating inquires into accidents,

(h)for constituting the appellate authority referred to in session 20, and for determining its powers and procedures;

(i)for determining the mode of disposal of fees, costs and penalties levied under this Act; and

(j) generally to provide for any matter which is, in the opinion of the State Government, a matter of merely local importance in the State.

(2) Every Rule made by the State Government under this Act shall be laid as soon as it is made, before the State Legislature.