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Taking the labour .... .... out of labour law

We help organisations achieve maximum compliance pan-India with minimum fuss

- FULL COMPLIANCE: We often have people who ask us to manage their non-compliance. This is not what we do. We aim to help our clients achieve maximum compliance.

- KNOWLEDGE: Indian labour law is very nuanced, varying in each state and hard to find on the internet and in bookstores. We invest thousands of man-days in building our knowledge base. You can see it here on this site.

- EXPERIENCE: The law is rarely black and white and always provides scope for interpretation by the labour officer. We have a deep understanding of how enforcement of the law works on the ground and are able to give you great counsel.

- NETWORK: In a massive country like India, a large part of compliance occurs during inspections and obtaining the necessary licenses. We have over the decades, developed a huge network of associates in every city and large town in India. Our presence on-the-ground is efficient and reliable.

- TECHNOLOGY: Last but not least, compliance with labour law in India for a reasonably sized office involves a checklist of almost 200 items. You have to prepare registers, you have to have licenses, you have to have various notices displayed, you need to pay minimum wages and your vendors need to do the same and need to be audited, just in case you forgot.

Our software tools automate most of these tasks and provide unparalleled insights and reporting. Our in-house development team means your feature requests are accomodated overnight.

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