Employees Provident Fund Scheme

Membership of the Fund

Section 26-A: Retention of membership

(1) A Member of the Fund shall continue to be a Member until he withdraws under Paragraph 69 the amount standing to his credit in the Fund or is covered by a notification of exemption under section 17 of the Act or an order of Exemption under Paragraph 27 or Paragraph 27-A.

(2) Every Member employed as an employee other than an excluded employee, in a factory or other establishment to which the Scheme applies, shall contribute to the Fund, and the contribution shall also be payable to the Fund in respect of him by the employer. Such contribution shall be in accordance with the rate specified in Paragraph 29:

Provided that subject to the provisions contained in sub-paragraph (6) of Paragraph 26 and in paragraph 27, or sub-paragraph (1) of Paragraph 27- A, where the monthly pay of such a Member exceeds fifteen thousand rupees, the contribution payable by him , and in respect of him by the employer , shall be limited to the amounts payable on a monthly pay of fifteen thousand rupees including dearness allowance, retaining allowance (if any) and cash value of food concession.
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