Employees Provident Fund Scheme


Section 32-A: Recovery of damages for default in payment of any contribution

(1) Where an employer makes default in the payment of any contribution to the Fund, or in the transfer of accumulations required to be transferred by him under sub-section (2) of Section 15 or sub-section (5) of Section 17 of the Act or in the payment of any charges payable under any other provisions of the Act or Scheme or under any of the conditions specified under Section 17 of the Act, the Central Provident Fund Commissioner or such officer as may be authorised by the Central Government, by notification in the Official Gazette in this behalf, may recover from the employer by way of penalty, damages at the rates given below:
Period of default Rate of damages
(Percentage of Arrears per annum)
(a) Less than two months Five %
(b) Two months and above but less than four months - Ten %
(c) Four months and above but less than six months  - Fifteen %
(d) Six months and above Twenty Five %
(2) The damages shall be calculated to the nearest rupees, 50 paise or more to be counted as the nearest higher rupee and fraction of a rupee less than 50 paise to be ignored.
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