Employees Provident Fund Scheme

Declaration, Contribution Cards and Returns

Section 36-A: Employer to furnish particulars of ownership

Every employer in relation to a factory or other establishment to which the Act applies on the date of coming into force of the Employees Provident Funds (Tenth Amendment) Scheme, 1961, or is applied after that date, shall furnish in duplicate to the Regional Commissioner in Form 5-A annexed hereto particulars of all the branches and departments, owners, occupiers, directors, partners, manager or any other person or persons who have the ultimate control over the affairs of such factory or establishment and also send intimation of any change in such particulars, within fifteen days of such change, to the Regional Commissioner by registered post and in such other manner as may be specified by the Regional commissioner:

Provided that in the case of any employer of a factory or other establishment to which the Act and the Family Pension Scheme, 1971, shall apply the aforesaid form may be deemed to satisfy the requirements of the Employees Family Pension Scheme, 1971, for the purpose specified above.

Provided further that above mentioned details shall be furnished by the employer in the electronic
format also, in such form and manner as may be specified by the Commissioner.

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