Employees Provident Fund Scheme

Declaration, Contribution Cards and Returns

Section 38: Mode of payment of contributions

(1) The employer shall, before paying the member his wages in respect of any period or part of period for which contribution are payable, deduct the employees contribution from his wages which together with his own contribution as well as an administrative charge of such percentage of the pay (basic wages, dearness allowance, retaining allowance, if any, and cash value of food concessions admissible thereon) for the time being payable to the employees other than an excluded employee and in respect of which provident fund contribution are payable, as the Central Government may fix, he shall within fifteen days of the close of every month pay the same to the Fund by separate bank drafts or cheques on account of contributions and administrative charge :

Provided that if the payment is made by a cheque, it should be drawn only on the local bank of the place in which deposits are, made:

Provided further that where there is no branch of the Reserve Bank or the State Bank of India at the station where the factory or other establishment is situated, the employer shall pay to the Fund the amount mentioned above by means of Reserve Bank of India Governmental drafts at par separately on account of contributions and administrative charge.

(2) The employer shall forward to the Commissioner within twenty-five days of close of the month, a monthly abstract in such form as the Commissioner may specify showing the aggregate amount of recoveries made from the wages of all the members and the aggregate amount contributed by the employer in respect of all such members for the month :

Provided that an employer shall send a Nil return, if no such recoveries have been made from the employees:

Provided further that in the case of any such employee who has become a member of the Pension fund under the Employees Pension Scheme, 1995, the aforesaid Form shall also contain such particulars as are necessary to comply with the requirements of that scheme.

(3) The employer shall send to the Commissioner within one month of the close of the period of currency, a consolidated Annual Contribution Statement in Form 6-A,showing the total amount of recoveries made during the period of currency from the wages of each member and the total amount contributed by the employer in respect of each such member for the said period. The employer shall maintain on his record duplicate copies of the aforesaid monthly abstract and consolidated annual contribution statement for production at the time of inspection by the Inspector.

Provided that the employer shall send to the Commissioner returns or details as required under sub paragraphs
(2) and (3) above, in electronic format also, in such form and manner as may be specified by the Commissioner.

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