Employees Provident Fund Scheme

Administration of the Fund, Accounts and Audit

Section 54: Expenses of administration

(1) All expenses relating to the administration of the Fund including those incurred on Regional Committee, shall be met from the fund.

(2) All expenses of administration of the trustees of the Central Board and salaries, leave and joining time allowances, travelling and compensatory allowances, gratuities and compassionate allowances, pensions, contributions to Provident Fund and other benefit Fund instituted for the officers and employees of the Central Board, the cost of audit of the accounts, legal expenses and cost of all stationery and forms incurred in respect of the Central Board, cost and all expenses incurred in connection with the construction of office buildings and staff quarters shall be met form the Administration Account of the Fund.

(3) The expenses incurred by the Central Government in connection with the establishment of the Fund shall be treated as a loan and such loan shall be repaid from the Administration account.