Employees Provident Fund Scheme

Nominations, Payments and Withdrawals From The Fund

Section 68NNNN: Option for withdrawal on cessation of employment

(1) The Central Board, or where so authorised by the Central Board, the Commissioner, or any officer subordinate to
him, may, on an application made by a member in such form as may be specified, authorise payment to him from his
provident fund account not exceeding his own total contribution including interest thereon up to the date the payment has
been authorised on ceasing to be an employee in any establishment to which the Act applies.
(2) The member making an application for withdrawal under sub- paragraph (1) shall not be employed in any factory or
other establishment, to which the Act applies, for a continuous period of not less than two months immediately preceding
the date on which such application is made :
Provided that the requirement of two months’ period referred to in sub-paragraph (2) shall not apply in cases of
female members resigning from the services of the establishment for the purpose of getting married or on account of
pregnancy or child birth.