Employees Provident Fund Scheme

Nominations, Payments and Withdrawals From The Fund

Section 61: Nomination

(1) Each member shall make in his declaration in Form 2, a nomination conferring the right to receive the amount that may stand to his credit in the Fund in the event of his death before the amount standing to his credit has become payable, or where the amount has become payable before payment has been made.

(2) a member may in his nomination distribute the amount that may stand to his credit in the Fund amongst his nominees at his own discretion.

(3) If a member has a family at the time of making a nomination, the nomination shall be in favour of one or more persons belonging to his family. Any nomination made by such member in favour of a person not belonging to his family shall be invalid:

Provided that a fresh nomination shall be made by the member on his marriage and any nomination made before such marriage shall be deemed to be invalid.

(4) If at the time of making a nomination the member has no family, the nomination may be in favour of any person or persons but if the member subsequently acquires a family, such
nomination shall forthwith be deemed to be invalid and the member shall make a fresh nomination in favour of one or more persons belonging to his family.

(4-A) Where the nomination is wholly or partly in favour of a minor, the member may, for the purposes of this Scheme, appoint a major person of his family, as defined in clause (g) of Paragraph 2, to be the guardian of the minor nominee in the event of the member predeceasing the nominee and the guardian so appointed :

Provided that where there is no major person in his family, the member may, at his discretion, appoint any other person to be a guardian of the minor nominee.

(5) A nomination made under sub-paragraph (1) may at any time be modified by a member after giving a written notice of his intention of doing so in Form 2 annexed hereto.If the nominee predeceases the member, the interest of the nominee shall revert to the member who may make a fresh nomination in respect of such interest.

(6)A nomination or its modification shall take effect to the extent that it is valid on the date on which it is received by the Commissioner.

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