Employees Provident Fund Scheme

Nominations, Payments and Withdrawals From The Fund

Section 70: Accumulations of a deceased member -To whom payable?

On the death of a member before the amount standing to his credit has become payable or where the amount has become payable before payment has been made-
(i) if a nomination made by the member in accordance with Paragraph 61 subsists, the amount standing to his credit in the Fund of that part thereof to which the nomination relates, shall become payable to his nominee or nominees in accordance with such nomination ; or
(ii) If no nomination subsists or if the nomination relates only to a part of the amount standing to his credit in the Fund, the whole amount or the part thereof to which the nominations does not relate, as the case may be, shall become payable to the members of his family in equal shares:

Provided that no share shall be payable to-

(a) sons who have attained majority ;
(b) sons of a deceased son who have attained majority ;
(c) married daughters whose husbands are alive ;
(d) married daughters of a deceased son whose husbands are alive; if there is any members of the family other than those specified in clauses (a), (b), (c) and (d) :

Provided further that the widow or widows, and the child or children of a deceased son shall receive between them in equal parts only the share which that son would have received if he had survived the member and had not attained the age of majority at the time of the member's death.

(iii) in any case, to which the provisions of clauses (i) and (ii) do not apply the whole amount shall be payable to the person legally entitled to it.

Explanation.-For the purpose of this paragraph a member's posthumous child, if born alive, shall be treated in the same way a surviving child born before the member's death.

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