Factories Act

Chapter IX - Special Provisions

Section 88: Notice of certain accidents

(1) Where in any factory an accident occurs which causes death, or which cause any bodily injury by reason of which the person injured is prevented from working for a period of forty-eight hours or more immediately following the accident, or which is of such nature as may be prescribed in this behalf, the manager of the factory shall send notice thereof to such authorities, and in such from and within such time, as may be prescribed.
(2) Where a notice given under sub-section (1) relates to an accident causing death, the authority to whom the notice is sent shall make an inquiry into the occurrence within one month of the receipt of the notice or, if such authority is not the Inspector, cause the Inspector to make an inquiry within the said period.
(3) The State Government may make rules for regulating the procedure at inquiries under this Section.
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