Plantations Labour Act

Hours and Limitation of Employment

Section 20: Weekly holidays

(1) The State Government may by rules made in this behalf-
(a) provide for a day of rest in every period of seven days which shall be allowed to all workers;
(b) provide for the conditions subject to which, and the circumstances in which, an adult worker may be required or allowed to work overtime.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in clause (a) of sub-section (1) where a worker is willing to work on any day of rest which is not a closed holiday in the plantation, nothing contained in this section shall prevent him from doing so :

Provided that in so doing a worker does not work for more than ten days consecutively without a holiday for a whole day intervening.

Explanation 1 - Where on any day a worker has been prevented from working in any plantation by reason of tempest, fire, rain or other natural causes, that day, may, if he so desires, be treated as his day of rest for the relevant period of seven days within the meaning of sub-section (1).

Explanation 2 : Nothing contained in this section shall apply to any worker whose total period of employment including any day spent on leave is less than six days.
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