Plantations Labour Act

Inspecting Staff

Section 5: Powers and functions of inspectors

Subject to any rules made by the State Government in this behalf, an inspector may within the local limits for which he is appointed -
(a) make such examination and inquiry as he thinks fit in order to ascertain whether the provisions of this Act and of the rules made thereunder are being observed in the case of any plantation;
(b) with such assistants, if any, as he thinks fit, enter, inspect and examine any plantation or part thereof at any reasonable time for the purpose of carrying out the objects of this Act;
(c) examine the crops grown in any plantation or any worker employed therein or require the production of any register or other document maintained in pursuance of this Act, and take on the spot or otherwise statements on any person which he may consider necessary for carrying out the purposes of this Act;
(d) exercise such other powers as may be prescribed :

Provided that no person shall be compelled under this section to answer any question or make any statement tending to incriminate himself.