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Chapter I - Preliminary

1. Short title, commencement and application

Chapter IX - Inspector-Cum-Facilitators and Other Authority

41. Powers of special officer to enter, measure, etc., in relation to mine

Chapter I - Preliminary

2. Definitions

Chapter II - Registration

3. Registration of certain establishments.
4. Appeal
5. Notice by employer of commencement and cessation of operation

Chapter III - Duties of employer and employees etc.

6. Duties of employer
7. Duties and responsibilities of owner, agent and manager in relation to mine
8. Duties of designers, manufacturers, importers or suppliers
9. Duties of architect, project engineer and designer
10. Notice of certain accident
11. Notice of certain dangerous occurrences
12. Notice of certain cases
13. Duties of employee
14. Rights of employee
15. Duty not to interfere with or misuse things

Chapter IV - Occupational Safety and Health

16. National Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Board
17. State Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Board
18. Occupational safety and health standards
19. Research related activities
20. Safety and occupational health surveys
21. Collection of statistics and portal for inter-State migrant workers
22. Safety Committee and safety officers

Chapter V - Health, safety, and working conditions

23. Responsibility of employer for maintaining health, safety and working conditions

Chapter VI - Welfare Provisions

24. Welfare facilities in the establishment, etc

Chapter VII - Hours of Work and Annual Leave with Wages

25. Daily and weekly working hours, leave, etc.
26. Weekly and compensatory holidays
27. Extra wages for overtime
28. Night shifts
29. Prohibition of overlapping shifts
30. Restriction on double employment in factory and mine
31. Notice of periods of work
32. Annual leave with wages etc.

Chapter VIII - Maintenance of Registers, Records and Returns

33. Maintenance of registers, records and filing of returns

Chapter IX - Inspector-Cum-Facilitators and Other Authority

34. Appointment of Inspector cum Facilitators
35. Powers of Inspector-cum-Facilitators
36. Powers and duties of District Magistrate
37. Third party audit and certification
38. Special powers of InspectorcumFacilitator in respect of factory, mines, dock work and building or other construction
39. Secrecy of information by Chief Inspector-cum-Facilitator or Inspector-cum-Facilitator, etc.
40. Facilities to be afforded to Inspector-cum-Facilitator
42. Medical Officer

chapter X - Special Provision Relating to Employment of Women

43. Employment of Women
44. Adequate safety of employment of women in dangerous operation

Chpt XI-Special Provisions for Contract Labour, Inter-State Migrant Worker. Part I-Contract Labour

45. Applicability of this Part
46. Appointment of designated authority
47. Licensing of contractors
48. Procedure for issue or renewal of licence
49. No fees or commission or any cost to workers
50. Information regarding work order to be given to the appropriate Government
51. Revocation, suspension and amendment of licence
52. Appeal
53. Liability of principal employer for welfare facilities
54. Effect of employing contract labour from a non-licenced contractor
55. Responsibility for payment of wages
56. Experience Certificate
57. Prohibition of employment of contract labour
58. Power to exempt in special cases