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  Equal Remuneration Rules

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Related Legislation: Equal Remuneration Act, 1976   



The Equal Remuneration Rules gives effect to various provisions of the Equal Remuneration Act


The Equal Remuneration Rules apply to all factories and establishments to which the Equal Remuneration Act applies

Applicability of Parent Act

The Equal Remuneration Act extends to the whole of India and applies to the establishments or employments notified by the Central Government.The Act is now applicable to almost every kind of establishments. The Act is not applicable If the term and conditions of a women's employment in complying with any requirement gives them special treatment in connection with i) the birth or expected birth of a child, or ii) the terms and conditions relating to retirement, marriage or death or to any provision made in connection with the retirement, marriage or death

Related Sections Of The Act

Rule 1:  Short title and commencement
Rule 1:  Short title and commencement