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  Employees Provident Fund Scheme

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Related Legislation: PF Act, 1952   


Authority Duties Powers
Employees Provident Fund Commissioner. To manage Employees PF Scheme, and to officiate as the Secretary of the Central Board and of the Executive Committee To sanction expenditure within the budget and upto the specified limits, to exercise any administrative and financial powers delegated to him and to delegate such powers to other officer under his control
Regional Employees Provident Fund Commissioner. To assist the Employees PF Commissioner and to officiate as the Secretary of the Regional Committee within his jurisdiction
Central Board of Trustees. To manage the affairs of the Employees PF Scheme including maintaining the accounts of the Fund.
Executive Committee. To assist the Central Board of Trustees.
State Board/Regional Committee To advice the Central Board on matters referred to it, and on matters connected to the administration of the Scheme in the State
Regional and Local Offices To properly implement the scheme and carry other functions and duties of the regional and local office