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Employees Provident Fund Scheme, 1952

Related Legislation: PF Act, 1952   


Form 1-Para 27 : Exemption from Operation of the Scheme
Form 2-Para 33 & 61(1) : Nomination and Declaration Form for Unexempted/Exempted Establishment
Form 3-Paras 35 & 42 : Contribution Cards for unexmpted establishments
Form 3A-Paras 35 & 42 : Contribution Cards for unexmpted establishments
Form 4-Para 35 and 42 : Contribution card for employees other than monthly paid employees
Form 5-Para 36(2)(a) : Return of Employees qualifying for membership
Form 5A-Para 36-A : Return of Ownership to be sent to the Regional Commissioner
Form 6-Para 43 : Return of the Contribution Cards sent to the Commissioner on the expiry of the period of currency
Form 6A-Para 43 : Consolidated Annual Contribution Statement
Form 9-Para 79-A,Section 7-B(1): Application for review filed under 7-B(1)
Form 10-paragraph 36(2)(a) & (b): Return of Members leaving service during the month
Form 11-Para 34: Declaration by a person taking up employment in organisation with EPF
Form 12-Para 38(2): Statement of Contribution
Form 12-A-Para 38(2): Statement of Contribution for unexmpted establishments
Form 13-Para 57: Application for transfer of EPF Account
Form 13A-Para 57: Application for Inter-Regional Transfer of accounts to be submitted through the present employer
Form 14-Para 62: Application for Financing a LIC Policy out of the PF Account
Form 15-Para 64(1): Form of assignment of policies
Form 16-Para 68-B: Application for advance from the Fund
Form 19-Para 72(5): Form for claiming PF dues
Form 20-Form for claiming PF of a minor/deceased member
Form 31-Application for Advance