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Equal Remuneration Act, 1976

Related Legislation: Equal Remuneration Rules, 1976   


Authority Duties Powers
Central Government To determine the extent of the act and to make rules to give effect to the Act To appoint authorities for hearing and deciding claims and complaints, to make rules for carrying out the provisions of the Act, to give State Governments directions with regard to the execution of the act.
Advisory Committee To provide for increasing employment opportunities for women. Advise steps to be taken by Central Govt. to increase employment opportunities for women.
Officers to hear and decide claims and complaints Appointed by the appropriate government to hear & decide claims & complaints with regard to this Act To make orders regarding claims and complaints, Has all the powers of a civil court.
Inspectors To implement and enforce the provisions of the Act Enter at a reasonable time any premises, require the employer to produce documents, take evidence from any person, examine the employer or any other person, and to make copies/take extracts from any registers or documents maintained under the act
State Government To implement and enforce the act where the State Government is the appropriate government To appoint authorities for hearing and deciding claims and complaints