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Employees Provident Fund Scheme, 1952

Related Legislation: PF Act, 1952   



 1    Short title and application
 2    Definition

Board Of Trustees, Executive Committees

 3    Election of certain members of the Executive Committee
 4    Regional Committee
 5    Terms of office
 6    Resignation
 7    Cessation and restoration of trusteeship
 8    Disqualifications for trusteeship or membership of Regional Committee
 9    Removal from trusteeship or membership of a Regional Committee
 10    Absence from India
 11    Meetings
 12    Notice of meeting and list of business
 13    Chairman to preside at meetings
 14    Quorum
 14-A    Nomination of a substitute during the absence of a Trustee/Member of the Central Board.
 15    Disposal of business
 16    Minutes of meetings
 17    Acts of a Regional Committee not invalid by reason merely of any vacancy in, or defect in the constitution,etc.
 18    Fees and allowances

Appointment and Powers of Commissioner and Other Staff of Board of Trustees

 19    Central Provident Fund commissioner and Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts Officer .
 20    Omitted.
 21    Opening of Regional and other offices.
 22    Secretary of the Central Board or a Regional Committee.
 22-A    Appointment of officers and employees of the Central Board
 23    Information of appointments to the Central Board
 24    Administrative and financial powers of a Commissioner
 24-A    Delegation of power by the Central Board

Membership of the Fund

 25    Powers of the Central Government until the Central Board is constituted
 26    Classes of employees entitled and required to join the Fund.
 26-A    Retention of membership
 26-B    Resolution of doubts
 27    Exemption of an employee
 27-A    Exemption of a class of employees

 27-AA    Terms and conditions of exemption

Membership of the Fund

 28    Transfer of accumulations from existing Provident Funds


 29    Contribution
 30    Payment of contribution
 31    Employers share not to be deducted from the members
 32    Recovery of a member's share or contribution
 32-A    Recovery of damages for default in payment of any contribution
 32-B    Terms and conditions for reduction or waiver of damages.

Declaration, Contribution Cards and Returns

 33    Declaration by persons already employed at the time of the institution of the Fund.
 34    Declaration by persons taking up employment after the Fund has been established.
 35    Preparation of contribution cards
 36    Duties of employers
 36-A    Employer to furnish particulars of ownership
 36-B    Duties of contractors.
 37    Allotment of account Numbers
 38    Mode of payment of contributions
 39    Fixation of administration charges
 40    Contribution to be entered in the contribution card
 40-A    Supply of Passbooks to the members
 41    Currency of contribution cards
 42    Renewal of contribution cards
 43    Submission of contribution cards to the commissioner
 44    Custody of contribution cards
 45    Inspection of cards by members
 46    Production of cards and records for inspection by the Commissioner or Inspector.
 47    Supply of cards and forms to employers
 48    Current Account

Administration of the Fund, Accounts and Audit

 49    Administration Accounts
 50    Provident fund Account
 51    Interest Suspense Account.
 52    Investment of moneys belonging to employees' Provident Fund
 53    Disposal of the Fund
 54    Expenses of administration
 55    Form and manner of maintenance of accounts
 56    Audit
 57    Inter-State transfer of members
 58    Budget
 59    Member's Accounts
 60    Interest

Nominations, Payments and Withdrawals From The Fund

 61    Nomination
 62    Financing of Members' Life Insurance Policies
 63    Conversion of policy into a paid-up one and payment of late fee, etc.
 64    Assignment of Policies to the Fund
 65    Bonus on policy to be adjusted against payments made from the Fund.
 66    Reassignment of policies
 67    Recovery of amounts paid towards Insurance Policies
 68    Omitted
 68-A    Omitted
 68-B    Withdrawal from the fund for the purchase of a dwelling house/flat or for the construction of a dwelling house
 68-BC    Withdrawal financing from the Fund for the purchase of a dwelling house/flat or the construction of a dwelling house
 68-BB    Withdrawal from the Fund for repayment of loans in special cases
 68-C    Omitted.
 68-D    Omitted.
 68-E    Computation of period of membership
 68-F    Omitted.
 68-G    Omitted.
 68-GG    Omitted.
 68-H    Grant of advance in special cases
 68-I    Omitted.
 68-J    Advance form the Fund for illness in certain cases
 68-K    Advance from the Fund for marriages or post-matriculation education of children
 68-L    Grant of advances in abnormal conditions
 68-M    Grant of advance to members affected by cut in the supply of electricity.
 68-N    Grant of advance to members who are physically handicapped
 68-NN    Withdrawal within one year before the retirement
 68-NNN    Option for withdrawal at the age of 55 years for investment in Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana
 68-O    Payment of withdrawal or advance
 68NNNN    Option for withdrawal on cessation of employment
 69    Circumstances in which accumulations in the Fund are payable to a member
 70    Accumulations of a deceased member -To whom payable?
 70-A    Payment of provident fund accumulations in the case of a person charged with the offence of murder.
 71    Omitted.
 72    Payment of Provident Fund
 73    Annual statement of member's account
 73-A    Omitted.


 74    Annual Report on the work and activities of the Board and its audited accounts
 75    Issue of copies of member's account, Annual Report, etc.
 76    Punishment for failure to pay contributions, etc
 77    Conduct of business of the Central Board
 78    Power to issue directions
 79    Special provisions relating to factories or other establishments in respect of which applications for exemption are recd
 79-A    Filing application for review
 79-B    Time-limit for communicating the view of the Central Board to the appropriate Government.
 79-C    Composition of the Board of Trustees of the exempted establishments & the terms and conditions of service of the trustee
 80    Special provisions on the case of newspaper establishments and newspaper employees.
 81    Special provisions in the case of Cine- Workers
 82    Special Provisions in respect of certain employees
 83    Special Provisions in respect of International Workers
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