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Motor Transport Workers Act, 1961



 1    Short title, extent, commencement and application
 2    Definitions

Registration of Motor Transport Undertakings

 3    Registration of motor transport undertakings

Inspecting Staff

 4    Chief inspector and inspectors
 5    Power of the inspectors
 6    Facilities to be afforded to inspectors
 7    Certifying surgeons

Welfare and Health

 8    Canteens
 9    Rest rooms
 10    Uniforms
 11    Medical facilities
 12    First-aid facilities

Hours and Limitations of Employment

 13    Hours of work for adult transport workers
 14    Hours of work for adolescents employed as motor transport workers
 15    Daily intervals for rest
 16    Spread-over
 17    Split duty
 18    Notice of hours of work
 19    Weekly rest
 20    Compensatory day of rest

Employment of Young Persons

 21    Prohibition of employment of children
 22    Adolescents employed motor transport workers to carry tokens
 23    Certificate of fitness
 24    Power to require medical examination

Wages and Leave

 25    Act 4 of 1936 to apply to payment of wages to motor transport workers
 26    Extra wages for overtime
 27    Annual leave with wages
 28    Wages during leave period

Penalties and Procedure

 29    Obstructions
 30    Use of false certificate of fitness
 31    Contravention of provisions regarding employment of motor transport workers
 32    Other offences
 33    Enhanced penalty after previous conviction
 34    Offences by companies
 35    Cognizance of offences
 36    Limitation of prosecutions


 37    Effect of laws and agreements inconsistent with this Act
 38    Exemptions
 39    Powers to give directions
 40    Power to make rules
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