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The Indian Boilers Act, 1923


 1    Short title, extent and commencement
 2    Definitions
 2A    Application of Act to feed-pipes
 2B    Application of Act to economisers
 3    Limitation of application
 4    Power to limit extent
 5    Chief Inspector, Deputy Inspectors and Inspectors
 6    Prohibition of use unregistered or uncertified boiler
 7    Registration
 8    Renewal of certificate
 9    Provisional orders
 10    Use of boiler pending grant of certificate
 11    Revocation of certificate or provisional order
 12    Alterations and renewals to boilers
 13    Alterations and renewals to steam-pipes
 14    Duty of owner at examination
 15    Production of certificates, etc
 16    Transfer of certificates, etc
 17    Powers of entry
 18    Report of accidents
 19    Appeals to Chief Inspector
 20    Appeals to appellate authority
 20A    Power of Central Government to revise order of appellate authority
 21    Finality of orders
 22    Minor penalties
 23    Penalties for illegal use of boiler
 24    Other penalties
 25    Penalty for tampering with register mark
 26    Limitation and previous sanction for prosecution
 27    Trial of offences
 27A    Central Boilers Board
 28    Power of make regulations
 28A    Power of Central Government to make rules
 29    Power to make rules
 30    Penalty for breach of rules
 31    Publication of regulations and rules
 31A    Power of Central Government to give directions
 32    Recovery of fees, etc
 33    Applicability to the Government
 34    Exemptions
 35    (Repealed)
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