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Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme, 1976

Related Legislation: PF Act, 1952   



 1    Short title, commencement and application

 2    Definitions
 3    Administration of the Scheme
 4    Regional Committee
 5    Delegation of power by the Central Board
 6    Administrative and financial Powers of the Commissioner
 7    Contribution
 8    Mode of payment of contribution
 8-A    Recovery of damages for default in payment of any contribution
 8-B    Terms and conditions for reduction or waive of damages
 9    Employers contribution not to be deducted from the wages of the employees
 10    Duties of employers
 11    Inspection of records and registers by the Commissioner or Inspector
 12    Supply of forms to employers
 13    Administration Account
 14    Deposit-linked Insurance Fund Account
 15    Investment of moneys belonging to the Insurance Fund
 16    Interest
 17    Disposal of the Insurance Fund
 18    Expenses of Administration
 19    Form and manner of maintenance of accounts
 20    Audit
 21    Budget
 22    Scales of assurance benefits and the minimum average balance to be maintained by an employee.
 23    Assurance benefit to whom payable
 24    Assurance amount - How to be paid
 25    Registers, Records, etc
 26    Annual Report on the working of this Scheme
 27    Omitted.
 28    Special provisions relation to coal mines in respect of which applications are received for exemption
 29    Punishment for failure to submit returns, etc
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