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Employee State Insurance (General) Regulations, 1950

Related Legislation: ESI Act, 1948   



 1    Short title and extent
 2    Definition
 3    The manner in which the corporation may exercise its powers
 3-A    Exercise of Powers by an Office
 4    Contribution and Benefit Periods
 5    Omitted
 6    Meetings of the Corporation, the Standing Committee and the Medical Benefit Council.
 7    Decision by majority
 8    Mode of Exercising Vote
 9    Matters to be brought before the Corporation
 10    Regional Boards.
 10-A    Local committees

Collection of Contributions Etc

 10-B    Registration of factories or Establishments
 10-C    Submission of annual information by factories/establishments
 11    Declaration by person in employment on appointed day
 12    Declaration by persons engaged after the appointed day
 13    Omitted
 14    Declaration Form to be sent to appropriate office
 15    Allotment of Insurance Number
 15-A    Registration of Families
 15-B    Changes in Family
 16    The Corporation to receive assistance from employers
 17    Identity Cards
 17-A    Issue of a Certificate of Employment
 17-B    Issue of Permanent Acceptance Card
 18    Loss of Identity Card
 19    Omitted
 20    Omitted
 21    Omitted
 22    Omitted
 23    Omitted
 24    Omitted
 25    Refund for contribution stamps
 26    Return of contributions to be sent to appropriate Office
 27    Issue of Certificate of Contribution
 28    Omitted
 29    Payment of Contribution
 30    Omitted
 31    Time for payment of contribution
 31-A    Interest on contribution due, but not paid in time
 31-B    Recovery of interest
 31-C    Damages or contributions or any other amount due, but not paid in time
 32    Register of employees engaged by immediate employer
 33    Other modes of payments of contribution
 34    Omitted
 35    Omitted
 36    Employment for part of a wage period
 37    Omitted
 38    Scheme by joint employers
 39    Reckoning of wages of employee employed by two or employers in the same wages period
 40    Refund of contribution erroneously paid
 41    Omitted
 42    Omitted
 43    Omitted


 44    Claim for benefits
 45    When claim becomes due
 46    Availability of claim forms
 47    Claim on wrong form
 48    Evidence in support of claim
 49    Defective claim
 50    Claim for inappropriate benefit
 51    Authority for certifying eligibility of claimants
 52    Benefits when payable
 52-A    Abstention verification

Certification and Claims For Sickness

 53    Evidence of sickness and temporary disablement
 54    Persons competent to issue medical certificate
 55    Medical certificate
 56    Time of granting medical certificate
 57    Medical certificate on first examination
 58    Final medical certificate
 59    Intermediate medical certificate
 60    Final medical certificate before commencing work for wages
 61    Intermediate certificate for a longer period
 62    Omitted.
 63    Form of claim for sickness or temporary disablement
 64    Failure to submit medical certificate

Disablement Benefit

 65    Notice of accident
 66    Maintenance of accident book
 67    Notice otherwise than by an entry in accident book
 68    Report of accident by an employer
 69    Employer to arrange first aid
 70    Employer to furnish further particulars of accident
 71    Directions by the Corporation
 72    Reference to a Medical Board
 73    Report of Medical Board
 74    Occupational Disease
 75    Constitution of Medical Board/ Special Medical Boards
 76    Appeal Tribunals
 76-A    Submission of claims for permanent disablement benefit
 76-B    Commutation of permanent disablement benefit

Dependants Benefit

 77    Report of death of insured person by employment injury
 78    Disposal of body of an insured person dying by employment injury
 79    Issue of death certificate
 80    Submission of claim for dependants benefit
 81    Notice for dependants benefit
 82    Intimation of decision regarding dependants benefit
 83    Date of accrual of dependants benefit
 83-A    Submission of claims for dependants benefit
 84    Review of dependants benefit

Dependant's Benefit

 85    Deleted

Dependants Benefit

 86    Appointment of another guardian

Maternity Benefit

 87    Notice of pregnancy
 88    Claim for maternity benefit commencing before confinement
 89    Claim for maternity benefit only after confinement or for miscarriage
 89-A    Claim for maternity benefit after the death of an insured woman leaving behind the child.
 89-B    Claim for maternity benefit in case of sickness arising out of pregnancy, confinement,premature birth of child
 90    Other evidence in lieu of a certificate
 91    Notice of work for remuneration
 92    Date of payment of maternity benefit
 93    Disqualification for maternity benefit
 94    Authority which may issue certificate
 95    Obligations of Insurance Medical Officer

Medical Benefit To Families

 95-A    Medical benefit to families of insured persons

Funeral Expenses

 95-B    Report of death of insured person
 95-C    Issue of death certificate
 95-D    Other evidence in lieu of a certificate
 95-E    Submission of claim for Funeral Expenses


 96    Authority for determining benefits
 96-A    Reimbursement to expenses incurred in respect of Medical treatment
 97    Discontinuation or reduction of benefits
 98    Discharge , etc., of employee under certain conditions
 99    Suspension of sickness or temporary disablement benefit
 99-A    Sickness or temporary disablement benefit during strike
 100    Relaxation
 101    Omitted
 102    Certain officers to have powers of inspection
 102-A    Inspection book
 103    Medical benefit during disablement
 103-A    Medical benefit after contribution ceases to be payable
 103-B    Medical benefit to insured person who ceases to be in insurable employment on account of permanent disablement.
 104    Production of document for medical benefit
 105    Further certificates
 106    Change of circumstances to be notified
 107    Certificate in respect of a person claiming permanent disablement benefit
 107-A    Declaration by and certificate in respect or a person claiming dependants benefit
 107-B    Personal attendance of a person claiming permanent disablement benefit or dependents benefit.
 108    Omitted
 109    Submission of additional information by employer or insured person
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