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Dangerous Machines (Regulation) Act, 1983

Related Legislation: Dangerous Machines Rules, 1984   



 1    Short title, extent and commencement
 2    Declaration as to expediency of control by Union
 3    Definitions
 4    Act to override all other enactments

Administration of The Act

 5    Appointment and functions of Controllers
 6    Power of Controller to issue orders
 7    Appointment of Inspectors
 8    Controller, etc. to be public servants

Issue, Renewal and Cancellation of Licences to Manufacturers and Dealers

 9    Licensing of manufacturers and dealers
 10    Suspension and cancellation of licences
 11    Cancellation of licence on application by manufacturer or dealer.
 12    Licence to a firm to be invalid on the change of partnership

Duties and Responsibilities of the manufacturer or dealer of a Dangerous Machine

 13    Manufacturer to ensure that every part of a dangerous machine conforms to prescribed standards
 14    Particulars to be specified on every dangerous machine
 15    Duties of the manufacturer to supply operator's manual with each dangerous machine
 16    Certificate and guarantee by manufacturers and dealers
 17    Liability of the manufacturer for reimbursement
 18    Manufacturers and dealers to maintain records

Duties and Obligations of users of dangerous machines

 19    User to get each dangerous machine registered
 20    Matters to be ensured by users
 21    Modification of existing dangerous machine
 22    Employer's liability for compensation
 23    Notice of accident
 24    Duty of employer to take out Insurance policies
 25    Omission or failure of the employer to take out Insurance policies

Inspection, Search and Seizure

 26    Examination of machine causing death or injury
 27    Inspection of records etc
 28    Power to enter and search
 29    Power of seizure
 30    Search and seizure to be made in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973

Offences and Their Trial

 31    Punishment for contravention of the provisions of the Act
 32    Offences by companies
 33    Cognizance and trial of offences


 34    Appeals
 35    Protection of action taken in good faith
 36    Power of Central Government to make rules
 37    Power of State Government to make rules
 38    Power to give directions
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