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Employees Pension Scheme, 1995

Related Legislation: PF Act, 1952   


 1    Short title, commencement and application
 2    Definitions
 3    Employees Pension Fund
 4    Payment of contribution
 5    Recovery of damages for default in payment of any contributions
 6    Membership of the Employees Pension Scheme
 6-A    Retention of membership
 7    Option for joining the Scheme
 8    Resolution of doubts
 9    Determination of Eligible Service
 10    Determination of Pensionable Service
 11    Determination of Pensionable Salary
 12    Monthly Members Pension
 12-A    Option for Commutation.
 13    Option for return of capital
 14    Benefits on leaving service before being eligible for monthly members pension
 15    Benefits on permanent and total disablement during the service
 16    Benefits to the family on the death of a member
 16-A    Guarantee of Pensionary Benefits
 17    Payments on Exercise of Option
 17-A    Payment of Pension
 18    Particular to be supplied by the employees already employed at the time of commencement.
 19    Preparation of contribution cards
 20    Duties of employers
 21    Employer to furnish particulars of ownership
 22    Duties of contractors
 23    Allotment of Account Numbers
 24    Declaration by persons taking up employment after the fund has been established
 25    Employees Pension Fund Account
 26    Investment of the Employees Pension Fund
 27    Disposal of the Fund
 28    Administration Account
 29    Forms of Accounts
 30    Audit
 31    Rounding up of the benefits
 32    Valuation of the Employees Pension Fund and review of the rates of contributions and quantum of the pension
 33    Disbursement of pension and other benefits
 34    Registers, records, etc
 35    Power to issue directions
 36    Regional Committee
 37    Annual Report
 38    Application of the provisions of the Employees Provident Funds Scheme, 1952
 39    Exemption from the operation of the Pension Scheme
 39B    Transfer Value
 40    Information to the Central Government
 41    Interpretation
 42    Punishment for failure to submit return, etc.
 43    Payment of pension in the case of a person charged with the offence of murder.
 43A    Special Provisions in respect of International Workers
 44    Repeal and Savings
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