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Chapter I - Preliminary

1. Short title, extent and commencement
2. Interpretation
3. References to time of day
4. Power to declare different departments to be separate factories or two or more factories to be a single factory
5. Power to exempt during public emergency
6. Approval, licensing and registration of factories
7. Notice by occupier
7-A. General duties of the occupier
7-B. General duties of manufactures, etc. as regards articles and substances for use in factories.

Chapter II - The Inspection Staff

8. Inspectors
9. Powers of Inspectors
10. Certifying surgeons

Chapter III - Health

11. Cleanliness
12. Disposal of wastes and effluents
13. Ventilation and temperature
14. Dust and fume
15. Artificial humidification
16. Overcrowding
17. Lighting
18. Drinking water
19. Latrines and urinals
20. Spittoons

Chapter IV - Safety

21. Fencing of machinery
22. Work on or near machinery in motion
23. Employment of young persons on dangerous machines
24. Striking gear and devices for cutting off power
25. Self-acting machines
26. Casing of new machinery
27. Prohibition if employment of women and children near cotton openers
28. Hoists and lifts
29. Lifting machines, chains, ropes and lifting tackles
30. Revolving machinery
31. Pressure plant
32. Floors, stairs and means of access
33. Pits, sumps, opening in floors, etc
34. Excessive weights
35. Protection of eyes
36. Precautions against dangerous fumes, gases, etc.
36-A. Precaution regarding the use of portable electric light
37. Explosive or inflammable dust, gas, etc.
38. Precautions in case of fire
39. Power to require specifications of defective parts or tests of stability
40. Safety of buildings and machinery
40-A. Maintenance of buildings
40-B. Safety Officers
41. Power to make rules to supplement this Chapter

Chapter IV-A - Provisions Relating To Hazardous Processes

41-A. Constitution of Site Appraisal Committees
41-B. Compulsory disclosure of information by the occupier
41-C. Specific responsibility of the occupier in relation to hazardous processes
41-D. Power of central Government to appoint Inquiry Committee
41-E. Emergency standards
41-F. Permissible limits of exposure of chemical and toxic substances
41-G. Workers' participation in safety management
41-H. Right of workers to worn about imminent danger

Chapter V - Welfare

42. Washing facilities
43. Facilities for storing and drying clothing
44. Facilities for sitting
45. First-aid appliances
46. Canteens
47. Shelters, rest rooms and lunch rooms
48. Creches
49. Welfare officers
50. Power to make rules to supplement this Chapter

Chapter VI - Working Hours of Adults

51. Weekly hours
52. Weekly holidays
53. Compensatory holidays
54. Daily hours
55. Intervals for rest
56. Spreadover
57. Night shifts
58. Prohibition of overlapping shift
59. Extra wages for overtime
60. Restriction on double employment
61. Notice of periods of work for adults
62. Register of adult workers
63. Hours of work to correspond with notice under Section 61 and register under Section 62
64. Power to make exempting rules
65. Power to make exempting orders
66. Further restrictions on employment of women

Chapter VII - Employment of Young Persons

67. Prohibition of employment of young children
68. Non-adult workers to carry tokens
69. Certificates of fitness
70. Effect of certificate of fitness granted to adolescent
71. Working hours for children
72. Notice of periods of work for children
73. Register of child workers
74. Hours of work to correspond with notice under Section 72 and register under section 73
75. Power to require medical examination
76. Power to make rules
77. Certain other provisions of law not barred

Chapter VIII - Annual Leave with Wages

78. Application of Chapter
79. Annual leave with wages
80. Wages during leave period
81. Payment in advance in certain cases
82. Mode of recovery of unpaid wages
83. Power to make rules
84. Power to exempt factories

Chapter IX - Special Provisions

85. Power to apply the Act to certain premises
86. Power to exempt public institution
87. Dangerous operations
87-A. Power to prohibit employment on account of serious hazard
88. Notice of certain accidents
88-A. Notice of certain dangerous occurrences
89. Notice of certain diseases
90. Power to direct enquiry into cases of accident or disease
91. Power to take samples
91-A. Safety and occupational health surveys

Chapter X - Penalties and Procedure

92. General penalty for offences
93. Liability of owner of premises in certain circumstances
94. Enhanced penalty after previous conviction
95. Penalty for obstructing Inspector
96. Penalty for wrongfully disclosing results of analyses under section 91
96-A. Penalty for contravention of the provisions of Sections 41-B, 41-C and 41-H
97. Offences by workers
98. Penalty for using false certificate of fitness
99. Penalty for permitting double employment of child
100. Determination of occupier in certain cases
101. Exemption of occupier or manager from liability in certain cases
102. Power of Court to make orders
103. Presumption as to employment
104. Onus as to age
104-A. Onus of proving limits of what is practicable, etc
105. Cognizance of offence
106. Limitation of prosecutions
106-A. Jurisdiction of a court for entertaining proceedings, etc. for offence

Chapter XI - Supplemental

107. Appeals
108. Display of notices
109. Service of notice
110. Returns
111. Obligations of workers
111-A. Right of workers, etc.
112. General power to make rules
113. Power of Centre to give directions
114. No charge for facilities and conveniences
115. Publication of rules
116. Application of Act to Government factories
117. Protection to persons acting under this Act
118. Restriction on disclosure of information
118-A. Restriction on disclosure of information
119. Act to have effect notwithstanding anything contained in Act 37 of 1970
120. Repeal and savings