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Employees Compensation Act, 1923

Related Legislation: Central Workmens Compensation Rules, 1924   



 1    Short title, extent, and commencement
 2    Definitions

Employees Compensation

 3    Employers liability for compensation
 4    Amount of compensation
 4-A    Compensation to be paid when due and penalty for default
 5    Method of calculating wages
 6    Review
 7    Commutation of half-monthly payments
 8    Distribution of compensation
 9    Compensation not to be assigned, attached or charged
 10    Notice and claim
 10-A    Power to require from employers statements regarding fatal accidents
 10-B    Reports of fatal accidents and serious bodily injuries
 11    Medical examination
 12    Contracting
 13    Remedies of employer against stranger
 14    Insolvency of employer
 14-A    Compensation to be first charge on assets transferred by employer
 15    Special provisions relating to masters and seamen
 15-A    Special provisions relating to captains and other members of crew of aircrafts
 15-B    Special provisions relating to employees abroad of companies and motor vehicles
 16    Returns as to compensation
 17    Contracting out

 17-A    Duty of employer to inform employee of his rights

Employees Compensation

 18    Proof of age
 18-A    Penalties


 19    Reference to Commissioners
 20    Appointment of Commissioners
 21    Venue of proceedings and transfer
 22    Form of application
 22-A    Power of Commissioner to require further deposit in cases of fatal accident
 23    Powers and procedure of Commissioners
 24    Appearance of parties
 25    Method of recording evidence
 25-A    Time Limit For Disposal of Cases Related to Compensation
 26    Costs
 27    Power to submit cases
 28    Registration of agreements
 29    Effect of failure to register agreement
 30    Appeals
 30-A    Withholding of certain payments pending decision of appeal
 31    Recovery


 32    Power of the State Government to make rules
 33    Power of Local Government to make rules
 34    Publication of rules
 35    Rules to give effect to arrangements with other countries for the transfer of money paid as compensation
 36    Rules made by Central Government to be laid before Parliament
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