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Employee State Insurance (Central) Rules, 1950

Related Legislation: ESI Act, 1948   


Chapter I

 1    Short title and extent
 2    Definitions

Chapter II

 2-A    Election of member of parliament to the Corporation
 3    Election of members of the Standing Committee
 4    Restoration to membership
 5    Fees and allowances of members
 6    Minimum number of meetings
 7    Roll of members
 8    Notice of meeting and list of business
 9    Chairman of the meeting
 10    Quorum
 11    Disposal of business
 12    Proceedings of the meetings
 13    Minute-books
 14    Powers and duties of the Medical Benefit Council

Chapter III

 15    Salaries, allowance and conditions of service of the Director General and Financial Commissioner.
 16    Powers and duties of the Director General
 17    Powers and duties of the Insurance Commissioner
 18    Powers and duties of the Medical Commissioner
 19    Powers and duties of the Financial Commissioner.
 20    Creation of posts by the Corporation.

Chapter III-A

 20-A    Appeals to Medical Appeal Tribunal
 20-B    Appeals to Employees Insurance Court

Chapter IV

 21    Bank or Banks for depositing the Fund
 22    Procedure for crediting moneys to the Banks
 23    Purpose and manner of payment out of the Fund
 23-A    Promotion of measures for the improvement of health and welfare of insured persons.
 24    Circumstances in which cheques may be drawn
 25    Acquisition of property
 26    Disposal of property
 27    Investment , transfer or realisation of the Fund
 28    Raising and repayment of loans
 29    Procedure for execution of contracts
 30    Seal

Chapter V

 31    Preparation and submission of annual budget estimates
 31-A    Administrative Expenses
 32    Supplementary estimates
 33    Re-appropriation
 34    Maintenance of accounts
 35    Revenue accounts
 36    Auditing of accounts
 37    Production of accounts before the Comptroller and Auditor General of India
 38    Powers of auditors
 39    Report of auditors
 40    Consideration of reports
 41    Authentication of annual accounts and reports
 42    Cost of audit
 43    Publication of account
 44    Impropriety or irregularity in accounts
 45    Disallowance of expenditure incurred and surcharge for loss or deficiency
 46    Recovery of amounts certified to be due

Chapter VI

 47    Establishment of Provident Fund
 48    Administration of the Provident Fund
 49    Framing of Provident Fund Regulations
 50    Wage limit for coverage of employee under the Act
 51    Rates of contribution
 51-A    Employers Contribution in Respect of Certain Employees
 52    Exemption from payment of employees contribution .
 53    Writing off of losses
 54    Daily rate of benefit
 55    Sickness benefit
 56    Maternity benefit
 56-A    Confinement expenses to an insured woman and an insured person in respect of his wife
 57    Disablement benefits
 58    Dependants benefits
 59    Funeral expenses
 60    Medical benefits to insured person who ceases to be in an insurable employment on account of permanent disablement
 61    Medical benefits to retired insured persons
 61A    Income limit of dependent parents for eligibility to medical benefit
 62    Bar on grant of cash benefits
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