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Plantations Labour Act, 1951



 1    Short title, extent, commencement and application
 2    Definitions
 3    Reference to time of day

Registration of Plantations

 3-A    Appointment of registering officers
 3-B    Registration of plantations
 3-C    Appeals against orders of registering officer
 3-D    Power to make rules

Inspecting Staff

 4    Chief inspector and inspectors
 5    Powers and functions of inspectors
 6    Facilities to be afforded to inspectors
 7    Certifying surgeons

Provisions as to Health

 8    Drinking water
 9    Conservancy
 10    Medical facilities


 11    Canteens
 12    Creches
 13    Recreational facilities
 14    Educational facilities
 15    Housing facilities
 16    Power to make rules relating to housing
 16-A    Liability of employer in respect of accidents resulting from collapse of houses provided by him
 16-B    Appointment of Commissioners
 16-C    Application for compensation
 16-D    Procedure and powers of Commissioner
 16-E    Liability to pay compensation, etc., to be decided by Commissioner
 16-F    Saving as to certain rights
 16-G    Power to make rules
 17    Other facilities
 18    Welfare officers

Provisions As To Safety

 18-A    Safety
 18-B    Power of State Government to make Rules

Hours and Limitation of Employment

 19    Weekly hours
 20    Weekly holidays
 21    Daily intervals for rest
 22    Spread-over
 23    Notice of period of work
 24    Prohibition of employment of young children
 25    Night work for women
 26    Non-adult workers to carry tokens
 27    Certificate of fitness
 28    Power to require medical examination

Leave with wages

 29    Application of chapter
 30    Annual leave with wages
 31    Wages during leave period
 32    Sickness and maternity benefits


 32-A    Notice of accident
 32-B    Register of accidents
 32-C    Compensation

Penalties and Procedure

 33    Obstruction
 34    Use of false certificate of fitness
 35    Contravention of provisions regarding employment of labour
 36    Other offences
 37    Enhanced penalty after previous conviction
 37-A    Power of court to make orders
 38    Exemption of employer from liability in certain cases
 39    Cognizance of offences
 39-A    Protection of Action taken in good faith
 40    Limitation of prosecutions


 41    Power to give directions
 42    Power to exempt
 43    General power to make rules
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