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 1    Short title, extent, commencement and application
 2    Definitions
 3    Responsibility for payment of wages
 4    Fixation of wage-periods
 5    Time of payment of wages
 6    Wages to be paid in current coin or currency notes
 7    Deductions which may be made from wages
 8    Fines
 9    Deductions for absence from duty
 10    Deductions for damage or loss
 11    Deductions for services rendered
 12    Deductions for recovery of advances
 12-A    Deductions for recovery of loans
 13    Deductions for payments to cooperative societies and insurance schemes
 13-A    Maintenance of registers and records
 14    Inspectors
 14-A    Facilities to be afforded to Inspectors
 15    Claims arising out of deductions from wages or delay in payment of wages and penalty for malicious or vexatious claims
 16    Single application in respect of claims from unpaid group
 17    Appeal
 17-A    Conditional attachment of property of employer or other person responsible for payment of wages
 18    Powers of authorities appointed under Section 15
 19    Power to recover from employer in certain cases
 20    Penalty for offences under the Act
 21    Procedure in trial of offences
 22    Bar of suits
 22-A    Protection of action taken in good faith
 23    Contracting out
 24    Delegation of Powers
 25    Display by notice of abstracts of the Act
 25-A    Payment of undisbursed wages in cases of death of employed person
 26    Rule-making power
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